Quarterly Media Review

Changing times, increase competing brands, innovation’s peak, heightened demands specifics, influences on consumer’s behaviour and its attended buying habits often compels brands to always innovate or possibly re-invent an existing campaign strategy. Our quarterly review presentation helps shed light on what you and your competition have done for that quarter which is necessary for helping you reach an informed decision.

We provide detailed analysis in the following areas:

GRP Based SOV Electronics

Effective communication analysis of your brand performance helps you navigate competing hurdles and improve on your media channel engagements. A detailed analysis of the Gross Rating Point (GRP) of your share of spots & spend (Radio, Tv and total electronic media) on your brand as against competing brands is a critical approach towards ensuring you have the edge in your customer engagement.

Our analysis is designed to deliver the following results:

Variance Analysis

Advertisers can improve on media plan processes and a cost effective budget through our monthly review guide on the summary of airing efficiency of a given brand. Customers are able to get firsthand knowledge about their brand efficiency ratio which is drawn from bottom line analysis.

Our variance analysis is tailored to:

Variance Analysis
Compliance report - Media Monitoring Online agency

Compliance Report (Radio and TV)

Buying habits, a competitive edge, shared airing units does its part on how your brand is perceived by your target market. Making the most of your spots on Radio and Television media is now a possibility using our Compliance Analysis. The reality of our report is in making it REAL when you plan it RIGHT!

We provide accurate, valid and efficient compliance report devoid of human manipulation:

Adcluster Analysis

Knowing the best strategic approach in media channel engagements is a key requirement in brand campaigns. At mediaTrak we provide detail summary that highlights display of spots for all brands within a specified time belt. Hence you are able to build a complete picture that helps you to make the right decision.

What our summary is and how it applies to your business:

Adcluster Analysis - Media Online Monitoring Agency

Media Buying Habit

Strategic and timely engagement of target audience on diverse media platforms is a sure way of gaining the attention of potential customers. However, imprinting your brands in the minds of customers requires even a more intelligent approach. But no need for worries, as we have put in place the right mechanism which clearly evaluates your brand spots deployment as against competing brands within specified time belts on the Electronic media.

Our strategy is tailored towards helping you:


Innovation has since being a crucial phenomenon for competing brands to remain relevant in the industry. Consequently, we have developed novel technological advances that keep you informed real-time on issues about your brand campaign or competing brands right where you are.

We keep you informed when:

Press Tracking

You can know the impact of your brands on your target market. The way your customers perceive your products, what are they saying and what their interest might be. We have clear cut analysis that shows share of exposure of your brand & Spend as against your competition within a particular month and also summarizes all mentions of your brand in the newspapers & magazines.

Our strategy is tailored towards helping you: